About Us

Like most people, coffee is a staple for our morning/daily routine.  The only problem we had was finding a healthy alternative to these sugary, high calorie, non nutritional creamers.  We tried using protein powders as an alternative but not only did it not mix very well, the taste was highly unpleasant.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you have to create it, which is exactly what we did.  After numerous tries, we figured out the perfect formula that mixes nice and easy with coffee, tastes great, and is good for you!  

No more of the over priced, unhealthy junk we’ve been putting in our coffee or the unhealthy foods that go along with it.  Cereals, breads, donuts, and smoothies are very high in carbs and calories, with not enough protein.  Making eggs takes up too much time in the morning and honestly are best when accompanied by bread.  Along the way we realized that not only is Javanu a great creamer, but it works for many other drinks as well!  We have made shakes, puddings, and even used it as toppings!  The opportunities to get a quick, protein packed delicious meal/drink are endless!