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Give The Gift Of Time (and nutrition) 

Time is the ultimate equalizer among all humans. From the night owl to the morning bird, we all perform at peak throughout different times of the day.  This holiday season gift your friend, family or co-workers the gift of time and nutrition with Javanu, a single-source premium protein creamer.  Scoop, stir and drink it's as easy (and quick) as that!  Each serving contains 10 grams of protein, 70 calories and is sugar-free!Javanu is re-gift safe. They'll thank you all year. Because you're reading this you have the best opportunity to give a gift to a loved one or even gift yourself. Once you try Javanu, you'll immediately wish you used it sooner.  It's velvety taste pairs so well with coffee, iced or...

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So long Cereal. Hello, Javanu.

Like many of us, most mornings are just aren’t smooth. The daily routine, no matter how well-planned, often leads to chaos. From getting your affairs to ensure your children, furry ones included are set up for the day.There never seems to be enough time. To bump out their parent, traditional cereal makers created cereal bars: the answer to a grab-and-go breakfast. Don’t get us wrong. For years we, too, consumed breakfast bars in the morning. Like anything else, something new comes along and replaces and improves our status-quo.  We’ve witnessed the progression as each new product sought to shine in "the most important meal of the day" spotlight.Level up your day and win.Enter Javanu, your single source premium protein creamer....

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